A one of a kind youth program...

Teaching the skills to become an aircraft mechanic, and more.

In their first year, 20 students from the school district of La Crosse will work under the guidance of experienced adult mentors to learn shop safety, tool use and the skills necessary to build a two-seat Van’s RV12iS Aircraft.

In their second year, students will learn composite mold making, layup and construction techniques used in the aerospace industry.

Learn the Basics

Our program begins with classroom curriculum where we teach reading blueprints, safety and the vernacular needed to participate in the program.

Working with Tools

Within the first few weeks, students will practice tool use and learn how to work with aerospace materials by building projects that they can keep.

Build an Airplane

Once students learn how to safely use tools and practice shop safety, they will embark on the journey to build a real airplane...a Vans RV 12iS, ELSA two-place aircraft.

Build a career in Aviation

This is not just another after school program...

This is a Career Development Program

Learning Teamwork

Being on a winning team requires clear communication and teamwork. Many of the procedures require more than one person, and that's where the fun begins.

Using Aviation Tools

The aerospace industry uses unique and high precision tools. All of the students in this program will learn how to become proficient with these tools and their use.

Building a Real Airplane

Yes, you read that right. The students in this program, in the course of a school year, will build a complete ELSA aircraft.